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    1. 55. Shores - Rocky and Sandy

    2. 57. Echinoderms

    3. 58. Archaeological Evidence of Early Human Sea and Seafood

    4. 59. Overfishing

    5. 60. Scientific inquiry

    6. Open Ocean (NOT FOR GR 12 EXAM)

    7. Chemical Composition of Sea Water (NOT FOR NSC EXAM).

    1. 61. SA Shoreline

    2. 61. SA Shoreline

    3. 61. SA Shoreline Part 2

    4. 61. SA Shorline

About this course

  • 90 lessons
  • 35 hours of video content


Head of Marine Sciences Curriculum FET Marnus Smith

Meet Marnus Smith, Head of Marine Sciences at the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation and an avid environmental enthusiast having a deep love for the Ocean and the organisms it contains. With over a decade of experience in education he is dedicated to nurturing curiosity and providing avenues for discovery among future environmental stewards.

Deputy Head of Ocean Campus Bianca Engel

Bianca has been working at the Two Oceans Aquarium and its Foundation since 1 April 1998 - just recently, she celebrated her 25th year! Before her employment, she volunteered at the Aquarium for three years. During her spell at the Aquarium, Bianca has worked within most areas of the education department. Initially, she started in the I&J Children's Play Centre, doing puppet shows and crafts with visitors. Bianca possesses a degree in Zoology and a teaching diploma. Her role at the Aquarium's Foundation allows her to put these qualifications to good use every day!

FET Teacher Whitney Samuels-Hoffmeister

As an aquarium educator, I bring a unique passion for FET education to the forefront. My academic journey began with a focused exploration of Oceanography during my undergraduate studies, paving the way for a master’s degree in marine science with a specialized focus on Ecotoxicology. My love for continual learning is not only a personal commitment but a driving force behind my dedication to sharing profound insights about our oceans. Through my role as an aquarium teacher, I strive to inspire and inform, fostering a deeper understanding of the intricate ecosystems that make our marine environments so fascinating. Whether it's unveiling the wonders of marine life or delving into the complexities of the ocean, I am passionate about empowering others with knowledge and fostering a sense of responsibility towards the well-being of our oceans.